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I capture love stories while making you look & feel your absolute best without being too forced and using relaxed & nuanced direction.

Stories; we pass them down from generation to generation. They take shape through various mediums and voices. I am in the business of telling one of the greatest stories of all – love. Join me in venturing through these pages to discover my storytelling voice and envision your love story taking shape.

Joined by their closest friends and family, Kelsey & Pradip made their eternal commitment to each other under a tree his Grandmother planted before she passed away at his childhood home. It was a clear and beautiful summer day as she walked towards her soon-to-be-Husband in her timeless Vera Wang Gown; walking to the sound of a pianist reciting the processional song Pradip, himself composed.

These are the stories and memories that drive my passion for capturing the narrative of your unforgettable wedding celebrations.

With my formal training in the world of cinema, my intuitive nature, and detail-oriented mind, I aim to capture the grandeur of your day through timeless and fashion-forward imagery yet also remain grounded in intention and a whole lot of heart, so that you can remain fully present in your celebration while looking forward to reliving your day through your wedding photos.

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