Laura Cacao-Diaz

Oh my goodness, absolutely beautiful! I’m so happy u found a wonderful man to love and share ur life with. My God bless u on this wonderful new journey together. The pictures capture how happy n loving u guys are!

aurora rodriguez

Absolutely breathtaking photographs! Amazing job at capturing the chemistry and love between the couple. Beautifully done!!

Grisel Gordon Rodriguez

You guys look stunning! The pictures are just beautiful and the setting amazing 💞💞

Analida Gordon-Crouch

They are all beautiful!! Great work! Love them

Maricela Jacho Rodriguez

They are all beautiful settings, hard to pick which one it’s best !!… Great work, beautiful couple … Amazing photographs !!…

DENNIS!!!!!!!!!!!! These are so flippin good! Great job my friend.

Michelle you look absolutely gorgeous!! Matt looks handsome too. These pictures are so beautiful, they capture your love. You have no idea just how much I’m looking forward to sharing your "Big Day"!!

Lauren LiCalzi Lavelle

Love the pics!!!

Esmeralda R. Escalera

Oh wow!!! These look amazing!! So beautiful!

Absolutely love it!!!!! =) the pictures are amazing!!!! It gets me mor excited for the big day!

By far the most captivating engagement photos I’ve ever seen! Beautiful scenery for an even more beautiful couple.

Beautiful pictures 🙂 Makes me even more excited for the big day!

These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! You can feel the love the two of you have in each photo. Stunning photos !!

GORGEOUS!! such a romantic walk in the park <3

Wow!!! These are incredible ! I love you guys so much !

beyond beautiful! Makes me want to get married just for thee pictures! xoxo

Absolutely stunning!!! These came out so good!! Love you guys xoxo

Wow! These are beyond gorgeous! The two of you exude true love! These photos show that!

Salvatrice Oliveri

Absolutely obsessed with all these pictures. You guys are perfect. ❤️😘

In love with all of them ! It captures all the love. You guys are magazine status <3

Love you guys!!! These photos are absolutely amazing! You both look bomb!


These photos are amazingly beautiful! Matt and Michelle, you two are the cutest couple! Can’t wait for your big day!!😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

Kimberly Soledad Barnette

What a beautiful depiction of the love you guys have for each other! Dennis captured in each shot the tenderness in your relationship! I can’t wait!