Father ◼︎ Photographer ◼︎ Artist 

I began my career in photography in Larry Kings home office. It was my very first assignment as a photographer, to capture Larry and his wife in their home. My very first assignment blessed me with the opportunity of being a ‘Published Photographer.’ Seeing my images printed in the pages of a magazine was a dream come true. This lead to many more assignments capturing CEOs and Celebrities with their guards down, outside of a studios and in there homes, their offices, their places of business. Capturing them in an authentic and vulnerable state. This sparked a craving for more, which ultimately lead me to Wedding Photography.

Combining my own personal artistry with the formal training I received in Film School, I am able to capture and deliver images to my clients that I know they will cherish for a lifetime. Images that will last the test of time and be passed down to their children. The quality and character of Film Photography is timeless, authentic, and rich. 

What ultimately drives me the most is to have the ability to share my experiences with my Daughter as she grows older. To share my art with her and to encourage her to find hers and pursue it. My ultimate drive and motivation lies in a little human being who calls me her Father. My greatest joy and accomplishment. 

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Photo Courtesy of Brandon Aquino