Dennis Roy Coronel Wedding Photographer headshot posing for the camera, squatting down with his chin resting on his hand. he wears a long overcoat by zara, black jeans by all saints and black combat boots by all saints


Dennis, a Los Angeles native, runs his photography studio where he combines his 12 years of experience and cinematic storytelling background to create a unique body of work. His aesthetic and vision resonate with couples who are interested in reliving their celebrations through artfully captured moments. Through the mastery of his craft and his use of light, he shapes moments into beautiful memories that don’t feel forced but lived in.

Weddings have been documented throughout the world which include destinations such as Italy, Switzerland, Barcelona, Guatemala, Colombia, The Caribbean, and all throughout Mexico.

Recently featured in VOGUE & Named "ONE OF THE BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS IN AMERICA" by Brides Magazine


DRC strives to capture the nuances of moments throughout a wedding celebration by seeing through the prisms of intuition, emotion, and jubilation. With an unwavering commitment to storytelling, the outcome manifests as a visual anthology that reverberates with the unfiltered essence of celebration, union and love.

Years of expertise coalesce to provide clients with a superlative experience steeped in attentive care and guidance, ensuring that you radiate as the epitome of grace and allure, whilst retaining the authenticity inherent to your very being.