Dennis, a Los Angeles native, runs his photography studio where he combines his twelve years of experience and cinematic storytelling background to create a unique body of work. His aesthetic and vision resonate with couples who are interested in reliving their celebrations through artfully captured moments.

Through the mastery of his craft and his use of light, he shapes moments into beautiful memories that don’t feel forced but lived in.

Weddings have been documented throughout the world which include destinations such as Italy, Switzerland, Barcelona, Guatemala, Colombia, The Caribbean, and all throughout Mexico.

The Look

The Approach

Intentional and romantic storytelling that is both timeless & fashion-forward. An aesthetic that draws from my tastes in fashion and cinema while also staying true to your essence and all of the nuanced moments of your day. Each picture strives for beautifully balanced light with rich tones and colors. What you should expect to see are images that don't look or feel forced, capture the candid moments in their truest form, yet possess a timeless grandeur from a previous era.

I heavily rely on my sense of intuition and detail-oriented mind when working with my clients. My biggest priority is preserving the essence of your love and celebration by weaving together a series of images that remains loyal to your story while bringing a calm and collected energy to your space. My approach has a healthy balance of fly-on-the-wall and artistic interpretation, while I navigate through the moments of your wedding day.

Weddings of Note

Expert Advice

My biggest advice is to remain present in each moment. Without a doubt, the celebration of your union will become a major production after months of planning with all of your dream vendors. Allow yourself the experience of being fully immersed alongside your partner and make the most of every moment. Rest assured that I will be with you every step of the way guiding you through the documentation of your most memorable moments.. How you choose to relive those moments is dependent on how present you remain in them.

I have had the great fortune and honor of capturing weddings throughout the world including Barcelona, Cartagena, the Bahamas, and more, but none stand out more to me than the ones where my clients are fully invested in remaining true to themselves and being present in their celebrations alongside their partners and closest loved ones. Working through intention has been my key to success and in capturing imagery that clients can identify as truly their own.

Kind Words

San Ysidro Ranch, Montecito | CA

“From the first time we spoke, you went above and beyond to help us prepare for our big day. We had the incredible honor of having you as our photographer for our (belated) engagement shoot and both Ben and I agree that it was such a delight being able to not only meet you but also shoot with you prior to our big day. Even though Ben and I had dated for 4+ years prior to getting engaged, we had never done any sort of photoshoot together and it was an invaluable experience being able to do a sort of test run in advance of our big day. You instantly made us feel so at ease and really took the time to get to know us and created a personalized and tailored artistic vision that was spot on in terms of conveying our relationship/portraying us as a couple.

I was both surprised and impressed that Dennis took the initiative to not only speak with us over the phone prior to our engagement shoot but also by his immense attention to detail and the lengths to which he took an interest into some of our aesthetic likes, ideal clothing and hair/MU styles, classic vs. high fashion photography, etc. It was somewhat of an interview - both of us getting to know Dennis and Dennis getting to know us-and it really helped assuage any anxiety we might've had leading up to the big day. Dennis works with your personality and goes above and beyond the normal scope of a photographer's duties-he works with you to style the shoot and choose a location that is reflective os his subject matter.

Dennis also works at an amazing pace and is able to get every shot in a short amount of time without feeling rushed or pressured. We were amazed at what we shot and his work truly speaks for itself ”

- Eli & Ben

O'donnell Estate, Palm Springs | CA

“Dennis is a saint! Seriously, he is one of the best wedding photographers out there! I've been a bridesmaid in eight weddings so one might say I've had my fair share of experience with photographers.

Dennis is meticulous, and as a meticulous bride, I appreciate this. He has an air of confidence that puts you at ease in front of his camera. Dennis' attention to detail is out of this world. He truly is a master of his craft. He delivers such a clear and detailed direction, your photos have no choice but to turn out bomb! All of our pictures were so beautiful! It was impossible to choose favorites! We were even featured in "Insiders: Best Wedding Photos of 202" which is amazing because I am so awkward but Dennis made me look like a beautiful Swan.

He basically coordinated our wedding day. He kept my rambunctious family on schedule (a task akin to herding cats). I felt a general sense of ease on our wedding day because I knew we were in good hands with Dennis. That feeling is truly priceless.

Our wedding occurred in the midst of the COVID pandemic and Dennis was helpful and supportive while we toiled over whether to proceed with our originally scheduled wedding date. We decided to host two micro ceremonies instead of our original 150 guest wedding and Dennis devoted so much time and energy to both of our events! Dennis delivered great wedding photos, and best of all we gained a friend in him!"

- Essence & Charles

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Carmel, California

Venice, Italy

Past wedding destinations have included Italy, Switzerland, Bahamas, Anguila, Guatemala, Los Cabos, Tulum, Playa Del Carmen, San Miguel de Allende, Barcelona and all throughout the United States.

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