I rediscovered my passion for narrative story telling and dropped everything to attend film school. Immediately after graduating, Life had other plans for me. I landed an amazing assignment to photograph Larry King & his wife in his home office to be featured and printed in a publication. I constantly look back at this first encounter and remind myself to always be in search of my subjects' vulnerability, to not only capture and tell their story, but immerse myself in it with them to better understand and translate their story of love. I make a great effort to shoot with intent and not only provide my subjects with an experience, but also deliver time capsules in the form of images for them to keep and cherish for many years to come. Authenticity, intentionality, and vulnerability are all elements that I aspire to capture through my lens and certainly all have a place in my personal life as well.

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Los Angeles, California is my home and although we certainly have beautiful scenery and are flanked by a gorgeous coast, ultimately I draw my inspiration from the people. That is what I love so much about my work, the people I get to meet and the stories I get to tell. I find such an incredible joy hearing the stories that are shared throughout a wedding day, whether they are told through little vignettes or in speeches, my heart is filled and I know what I am doing is important. Style, attention to detail and timelessness also play huge roles in my craft. Obsessing over your details and having a keen understanding of what style is versus what is currently trending, is what allows me to weave together timeless images that have become synonymous with my name.

When I’m not shooting, you can most definitely find me on my couch with my girls. Something on Netflix is being watched and pizza is either in the oven or on the way. Board games is also on the family itinerary along with regular outings to the beach or a random road trip outside of Los Angeles. Great conversation starters will forever be - Star Wars, Disneyland & Game of Thrones!

To read about how I  became a Wedding Photographer, check out this Interview on The Southern California Bride!


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los angeles wedding photographer



Pelican Hill Wedding Photographer
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"As a Wedding Photographer myself, I hired Dennis to be a second photographer for a wedding I shot last year. After seeing the quality of his work, I knew I needed to hire him for my own wedding... so much so that he was the first person we confirmed availability with when choosing our wedding date! We couldn't be happier with our engagement and wedding photos. He truly goes the extra mile for his clients and his work-ethic is extraordinary. He's easy to get in contact with, incredibly professional, and amazingly talented behind the camera. I'd hire him again in a heartbeat and would recommend him to anyone looking for classic, timeless, and beautiful photography." 

- Carsten & Chris


"We can't say enough great things about Dennis. My husband and I were planning a wedding from 3,000 miles away, extremely stressful--not any easy task!! Of all the vendors we spoke with and used, he was by far the most accommodating, flexible, and professional and put my mind at ease. Not only was the quality of his work amazing (and very fairly priced) but he was such a good communicator and had the best follow through. Dennis is so passionate about what he does, I felt like our wedding was just as important to him as it was to us!! We met a couple from OC on our honeymoon who had just gotten engaged; they ended up contacting Dennis for their wedding based on our reco and LOVED him. Highly recommended with utmost enthusiasm!! 

- Lisa & Eric


"Dennis is a wonderful, professional, and an awesome guy! I met him through my bestfriend and we became close as well! Dennis was great throughout the whole process of our wedding. He did our engagement shoots. We went to three locations since some didn't go as planned. Dennis didn't complain at all. He was actually the one who came up with the idea to do another shoot. You can tell that he really cares about his work and that shows passion. This is what we loved about him. He didn't just point and shoot, he was extra careful on how he placed us and took his time with each shot. His work was so great that it was featured multiple times in big name wedding websites, especially The Knot. We definitely and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer." 

Gayle & JayRoel



los angeles wedding photographer

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