Gayle + JayRoel | Los Angeles Engagement Photographer

I am so excited to share this Engagement Collection as a whole. What I am presenting now are my top picks from two separate shoot dates, covering this lovely couples Engagement Session. 

I was so delighted to be asked to help film Gayle & JayR's Proposal Engagement (you can watch it below), so when the news came through that they were interested in having me as their Engagement/Wedding Photographer, I couldn't have been more ecstatic. As the details of their Wedding Day kept pouring in, the excitement grew and grew. However, I knew that before I dove into their big day, I needed to capture the essence of their love first. Without a massive audience, without the pressures of their big day. So what you have before you, is simply a pair of love birds enjoying each others company & grace. J's and my music taste are very similar, so when he asked if I could use the following song for this Blog Post, I let out a big "HECK YES!" 

So without any further delay... Press Play & Scroll :)