Stevie + Shawn | UC Berkley Engagement Photographer

When I first found out that Stevie & Shawn were interested in having me as their Wedding Photographer, I was excited as I always get whenever I hear the news that someone wants me to be a part of their big day! However, after our initial email exchange and phone conversation, I became ecstatic!!! Sweet, genuine, quirky, fun, funny, pure love... all of these things come to mind when I think of this pair and I love it! We geeked out over Game of Thrones for a bit!!! C'MON how awesome is that! haha

Well, lets talk about their Engagement Session for a bit. Along with Stevie's Cousin Brandon (Filmmaker/Friend) we drove up to The Bay from Los Angeles & Orange County, respectively, to shoot their engagement. Brandon accompanied me and provided Video Coverage of the shoot. We had decided that UC Berkeley would be the most appropriate place to shoot at, since this is where they met. This is where they taught together, and ultimately would play the backdrop for their love story. Walking through the beautiful campus it became very clear that this engagement session would be beautiful and one-of-a-kind... much like our couple :) 

So enjoy the film and photographs below of our Blissful Berkeley Engagement Session! 

Film By - Brandon J. Ferlin