How I Became a Wedding Photographer

It is something that I find myself explaining whenever I meet a new client. A story I quite enjoy re-telling! I did not grow up thinking I would be a Wedding Photographer or wake up one day and just decide that I was going to dive head first into the Wedding Industry, but diving in, is exactly what happened. How? 

I was a recent Film School graduate, and keeping in touch with my school, I was constantly in search of work. Trying to land a gig on set, thinking I was going to be the next Guillermo Del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth) or Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity). The last job the school ended up sending my way, would be the last job i would accept from them (insert dramatic drum roll). 

I received a call from my Career Advisor, telling me that he had a Wedding available for me to shoot. I immediately hopped on the opportunity, as bills needed to get paid (Student loans are no joke). What I did not know, is that the union of this couple would change my outlook on many different levels. Most importantly - on what I valued most: Love. 

I very quickly became immersed in the surrounding energy, and vibe of the day... but once the speeches came, I was a mess! My Daughter was only a couple of months old, so I was still very fresh on the emotional high of being a new Dad. So the speeches pretty much floored me! I found myself wiping away tears and immediately knew that this was an industry I needed to be involved with. To be a part of something real, something very tangible... something timeless.

Later that week, I found myself diving head first into this industry by doing a ton of research and buying any relevant books I could feed my mind and creativity with. I quickly sought out the Top Wedding Photographers in the industry and paid attention to what it is that Brides & Grooms yearn for, when it comes to their photography. 

So I ended up trading in the possibility of capturing stories of fictional characters, for capturing love stories of every day people - Teachers, Peace Keepers, Lawyers, Students, Artists... This new level of connection I had with my subjects was raw, organic and very much real. As is love. 

As soon as I realized that the education and training I received at Film School prepared me to tell a visual story, I knew that everything that had just transpired, was for a reason! This was not just dumb-luck!

So here I am today! A few years later, chest deep in this industry of love and I couldn't be any happier!


From the beginning of my businesses' inception, I made it very clear that it would not be about monetary gain, but about a spiritual and creative growth! I walked away from a high salary career in sales to go to school full-time, so that I may nurture my creativity and pursue what I feel passionate about. I never forgot that, and to this day, it brings me great joy knowing that I am able to create new bonds and friendships with my clients. My imagery will be with them for a lifetime, I hope that the same can be said about my friendship as well! 


It has been an incredible journey, filled with hardship and a lot of sacrifices. I most definitely could not have accomplished any of this without the love and support of those closest to me. Particularly my Mother, who has been my number one fan and supporter from the very beginning. My little baby girl has been my light that keeps me on the right path, and my clients... oh man my clients! They all hold a very special place in my heart and the love they share with one another is why I do what I do.