2017 in Review | Weddings Edition

What a year it has been! The idea of sitting down and attempt to put into words what 2017 was like is exhausting. So I am not even going to try. I will say this... GRATITUDE! 2017 was all about the true discovery of being grateful for everything I am blessed with. Whether it is my Girls and Loves of my life, my clients or my health. It is a never-ending journey of learning how to not take things and most important people for granted. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Although at times, that belief is rocked, it remains firm and in place. I know that all of the challenges we are all faced with all serve their purpose. This year threw so many hurdles in my general direction... but I walked away, a better man, a better artist and a better human being for it. 

Below is a small collection of images of my 2017 Weddings. I am so blessed for every single one of you who stepped in front of my camera. For every single moment captured and for every smile and moments you all graced me with! I am so blessed to be able to make a career out of a passion. I will never take that for granted.