wedding films not videos

Capturing only using Motion Picture Cameras on both Super 8mm & 16mm formats, DRC aims to tell the narrative of your day through a cinematic lens and an artful presentation of your wedding day.

Stepping into the role of Creative Director, DRC will be onsite with his still-photography cameras and his motion picture cameras, directing a team of professional storytellers to capture the narrative of your celebration.

Motion Picture Films will not be available as a stand-alone service and DRC will be limiting the amount of clients this service is provided for each year.

Please inquire for more information and setup a consultation call to see if this service is a good fit for your day.

16mm & super 8 motion picture films


DRC embarks on a journey to tell your story through a cinematic lens and the beauty of photochemistry using 16mm & Super 8 Kodak Motion Picture film.